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  1. #WIPRO 3#Alarm system for the protection of boats.

    In association with the tracking device AT- SAT II ,you will be notified in case of an alarm , so you can locate your boat.

    Simple and comfortable use, advantage of the latest innovations.

    This alarm does not use motion sensors but coded magnetic sensors which avoids false alarms

    German Technology : Thitronik

  2. #PROPERTIES#Simple and intuitive handling.

    Wireless coded magnetic sensors!

    No fragile motion detectors.

    You can stay on board without inactivating the sensors.

    Easy add later wireless accessories.

    "Quick check " to control initially function of closed sensors.

    Panic alarm function.

    Delivery with cable harness for your boat.

    About 2 years of durability for the batteries accessories. Easy battery exchange.

    It is possible to couple up to 100 modules.

    Radio range up to 75 meters.

    Protected against copying by over 4 billion codes.

    Integrating interior siren and optional self-adhesive mounting magnetic sensors are only a few steps making WiPro III very smart.


    WiPro III works with radio components and that is why they can be retrofitted without problem. The components will be coupled to the core with their unique serial numbers offering encoding security and protection against interfering operations.


    Absence of motion sensors that allows you to exclude false alarms and also use the system for whilst you are on board.


    Optional :

    Alarm and remote tracking with the tracking device AT-SAT II. SMS or emails alarm.

    Protection of dinghies or any other object through the radio loop cable.

    Radio Gas sensor for anesthetic gas, propane and butane.

    Warranty : 36 months


    Voltage: 12V or 24V

    Stand-by current consumption : approx. 10mA @ 12V

    Frequency : 868.35 MHz

    Radio range (open field) : approx. 75m

    Internal sound acoustic : up to 102dB

    Dimensions : 100x26x68mm

    Weight of unit : 260g

    Protection class of the unit : IP 40

    Fixation : self-adhesive

    Delivered with : Central alarm system,2 remote control radio transmitter, 4 black magnetic radio wireless sensors, output cable,mounting hardware, manuals

    Possibility to connect to the tracking device AT- SATII to be notified immediately by SMS intrusion and get immediate tracking.

    Lack of motion detector to avoid false alarms.

    Wireless magnetic sensors. No wiring (life internal battery contactors : 2 years).

    Opportunity to stay inside without disabling sensors.

    Intuitive and easy to use.

    Arm / disarm the alarm with WIPRO III through wireless controller.