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    Imagine a High Security padlock that could communicate. It would send you an alarm if someone opened it. At every moment, you can be aware of the precise location of your lock, and trace your
    belongings at any given time. How much easier would it be to manage your assets more efficiently and to protect your most valuable items. Through identifying the specific security needs of your business, we’ve developed WatchLock, the reporting lock — that both guards and reports.

    WatchLock offers an ideal solution to asset owners across a variety of industries. Whether stationary or mobile, device or property, personal or business, on or offsite, WatchLock will track, trace and alert you to every move, entry and unauthorized event. You get all of this in one simple to install, user-friendly product.

    WatchLock combines Mul-T-Lock's High Security padlock with advanced technological GPS location system and GSM communication from Starcom Systems, providing you with a real-time alert from anywhere at any time. WatchLock achieves the most intelligent integration of security systems for ultimate peace of mind.

    Technology : STARCOM Systems

    WatchLock can be used in a wide range of applications for the protection of devices and property, without the need for any special preparation, wiring or installation.
    Its cellular communication abilities, along with its embedded GPS technology make it ideal for remote locations or for use with transporting goods and valuable equipment.
    With it, you’ll have a location indication of your secured items, according to your needs.

    This application can track high-value cargo throughout its transport cycle, while alerting you to predefined events that warrant your attention. WatchLock will monitor your vehicle, truck, van or container, as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or the transportation method.

    Remote Locations
    Remote Locations require the security of unmanned locations to prevent theft or damage. WatchLock lends itself uniquely to this application as it allows you to reach, monitor and provide security for your most remote assets. An ideal solution for those hard-toreach locations such as water lines, high antennas and surveillance cameras, where the physical inspections of locks is both labor and time intensive.

    Security Companies
    The top requirement for security is control and continuous coverage. WatchLock is designed to provide day and night safeguarding of your assets, while keeping you informed - no matter where you or the assets are, delivering an added level of security to your business.

    Customs Operations
    The security of customs operations can be complex and challenging due to risk of tampering, while en route and during the inspection cycle. Based on the knowledge that your lock will remain closed, WatchLock will assist in speeding-up the clearance of your goods and allow the examination process to run smoothly.

    Commercial & Retail
    The movement and storage of your materials and inventory should be key priority. Incorporate WatchLock into your supply-chain strategy to better manage the flow of your goods from border to border and to make certain that they have not been accessed. WatchLock can be regarded as your gatekeeper from point of origin and until delivery to the consumer.

    Personal Use
    WatchLock is versatile when it comes to protecting your personal valuables. Whether it's your cherished motorbike in the driveway or your priceless jewelry in storage, WatchLock will give you the comfort of knowing that your valuables are being monitored and will grant you total peace of mind.


    WatchLock : Professional High Security padlock - C10
    Operation : Pop-open shackle that retains the key when open
    Materials :
    Shell : hardened steel black plated
    Core : solid brass
    Shackle : hardened boron alloy steel
    Additional features :
    Protective shutter against dust contamination
    Drainage holes against freezing and corrosion
    Weather durability : -400c - +600c
    Duplication key control : Patented keys protected by a personal key card that is presented before key duplication
    Cylinder mechanism : Mul-T-Lock Õs unique High Security pin tumbler system offering keyed different keyed alike or master key systems
    Pick & drill resistant for higher protection
    Keys : Reversible nickel silver with plastic key head
    Standards : Security Gr 3 according to and 12320 AND EN 1627

    The complete WatchLock system consists of a High Security padlock and an online web, each provided separately. The online application is an internet based flexible events generator, enabling real-time monitoring from anywhere at any time.

    Software installed on Starcom Systems’ servers includes :
    Database of locks (name, location, etc).
    Definition of parameters that define irregular events, areas and times
    Definition of the destination for sending alerts (e-mail, sms)
    Maps for the exact location of the lock
    Specifications for ongoing reporting time intervals

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