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24/7 Rescue
Safety on land and at sea
Some of our tracking beacons are equipped with a distress button linked to an International Emergency Response Centre "GEOS Alliance".

If you activate this distress function you will be able to be rescued on land and at sea.

GEOS offers solutions and services that save lives. Distresses are handled by the International Emergency Response Centre based in a secured facility close to Houston (Texas).
It is the first International Emergency Response Centre that takes care of rescues in more than 100 countries.

Some of our clients have been involved in emergency situations. All were satisfied with the services and the rescues provided by GEOS.

GEOS saves at least one life per day. So far, they have been saving thousands of lives.
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Lagoon Club Members

Special advantages for Lagoon club members!

Iridium GO 

Iridium Go is changing the world of cruising!

Advanced Tracking offers you an exceptional monthly package including:

- Unlimited data communication (Email),
- Unlimited SMS,
- 150 minutes of voice per month,
- Tracking services
- Distress management 24h/7d
- Automatic sending of GRIB weather files in relation with the position of the boat

Activation fee and SIM card free!

L'Iridium GO has many advantages:

1. A satellite coverage worldwide: 90% of the planet is not covered by GSM networks. Iridium Go, with its modem, ensures a satellite connection to all areas of the globe, even at the North Pole!

2. Multi-media connection: thanks to its Wi-Fi hot spot, it is now possible to communicate not only via its smartphone but also from a computer requiring "Konectismail” or a tablet. Up to five devices can use at the same time the connection, within a radius of 30 m.

3. A tracking solution for more security: more than a modem, Iridium Go has a GPS positioning system; a considerable advantage for your safety, but also to reassure your family or friends who are able to follow your sailing trip wherever you are.

4. A fast and efficient messaging service: with the "Konectismail" electronic messaging system associated with the Iridium Go connection, you take advantage of a simplified and accelerated management of your mailbox. To use it, you simply need to download the application with just one click.

5. Weather and Blog: Konectismail is much more than just an emailing system. In addition to its mailbox, you will have free access to the weather forecast through "PredictWind" as well as a free use of a blog "Sailblog".

6. Social networks: You can also stay in touch with friends and colleagues with easy access to social networks: Facebook, Twitter. So, posting your most beautiful photos in the middle of the Atlantic will no longer have any secrets for you!

Special Pricing (TTC)Club LagoonPublic 
 IRIDIUM GO810 €849 € 

Satellite or GSM
Satellite tracking device or GSM: Which one to choose?

Differences between the two systems
Advantages and disadvantages
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Philippe Poupon tells us about its experience with Advanced Tracking

Philippe Poupon
Philippe Poupon
Fleur Australe, 8 years of sailing around the world

Philippe Poupon writes:"It's already been 8 years since Fleur Australe started sailing the seven seas, from the Arctic to Antarctica. We've been travelling more than 80 000 miles which represents roughly 3 round the world trips across many oceans. As far as my races are concerned, I am very meticulous when I prepare my sailing trips, and since the beginning our boat is equipped with an Advanced Tracking device (...)*
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