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    Product for the protection of persons and property, designed for sailor and camper.

    Geolocation satellite + Relief 24/7 + Intruder Alarm

    The AT-SmartOne Pack Plus includes a set of systems for the complete protection of property and persons:

    Satellite geolocation device: AT-SmartOne C - Globalstar Satellite Network.
    A box with a distress button connected by satellite with international rescue coordination center GEOS Alliance.
    A practical and effective alarm: Alarm Wipro III allows use even when the property is occupied.

    AT-SmartOne C / satellite geolocation device:
    Enables tracing of the property.
    The AT-SmartOne C, in the version "Pack Plus" is set to 3 intervals 24, that is to say, it emits a position every 8 hours when the property moves. If it does not move, the device records its position every 7 days.

    Access to location-based interface login and password. Possibility of giving other people access to the interface so that they follow the well-equipped.

    History of saved routes and searchable at any time. Ability to select dates and times for the interval of the course to watch.

    Function "Geofence" just set directly on the geolocation interface a perimeter around the property. If it moves outside the area: Instant message alert.

    Technology and Globalstar coverage.

    Works with an external power supply connected to the internal batteries of good (specific wiring included - 2 m) If out of food, the tag can operate with Lithium batteries (included)

    Housing with distress button / Standby 24/7:
    Alert the rescue: just press the button and Geos Alliance is immediately warned. He will receive your position every 15 minutes.

    Geos Alliance works with relief companies from more than 100 countries. This is the leading global organization recognized for the treatment of distress via geolocation units.

    How does it work? The connection of the device to the satellite network enables GEOS to locate the well instantly. He will dispatch emergency on site and it will connect with the people for which you have provided contact information to keep them informed of the progress of your life.

    Intruder Alarm Wipro III:
    Simple and convenient alarm system benefits from the latest innovations. This alarm does not use motion detectors but coded magnetic contactors thus avoiding false alarms.

    Ability to activate the alarm while occupying the property.
    Panic alarm function if necessary.

    SMS alarm up to 10 recipients.

    Works with specific wiring (included). Integrated battery backup.

    Optional possibility of coupling up to 100 modules including after installation of the alarm: wireless switches, radio cable loop, wireless gas detector.

    Includes: a wireless switch.

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