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  1. #FLEET ONE#
    With the launch of Fleet One Global, Inmarsat puts satellite connectivity within the reach of all ships.
    Fleet One Global is changing the game. This simple and cost-effective service gives you 100 kbps connectivity as part of a global prepaid or postpaid plan. Designed with flexibility in mind, it allows you to disable and reactivate the service at any time so that you pay only when you actually need it.
    Hardware costs have also been reduced to a minimum to help you manage your budget. In addition, the equipment is easy to install and requires no technical expertise.

    This offer is only available for lagoon owners, CNB, Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Prestige or Monte Carlo Yachts.Installation and support not included!

    Technologie : INMARSAT

    We.Stream is your Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot with integrated Cloud SIM technology that enable unlimited data in more than 140 countries.

    With this offer it is possible to:

    - To access emails, Internet *, via the satellite network and the GSM 3 / 4G network in more than 140 countries worldwide
    - To phone with your smartphone in satellite mode via WhatsApp / Skype
    - Communicate via social networks like Twitter, Facebook and others, from anywhere!
    - To share his navigation thanks to the follow-up of his boat
    - Connect up to 5 devices in WIFI mode to 3G / 4G satellite and GSM systems
    * voice and IP with speed up to 100Kbps

    Advantages are:

    - Ease of use
    - Compact and lightweight
    - 99.9% global coverage
    - Unlimited access to 3G / 4G GSM data and network worldwide without additional cost
    - Coverage of dark GSM areas (little or no network) across Europe and the world.

    Additional services included in this package:

    - 24/7 emergency access
    - Medical assistance access
    - Automatic reception weather file
    - Geolocation by satellite
    - Share my navigation with my relatives

  4. #FEE 24 months#

    Unlimited satellite and GSM 3G / 4G communication service (including 5GB / month broadband) in more than 140 countries.
    1,000 minutes of voice plan (for 24 months)

    Couverture mondiale

  6. #VIDEO#