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Jet ski, Outbord engine

Outboard engines such as jet skiing are increasingly sought by thieves.

Helios TT tracking device was originally built to protect 2 wheels, but it is also suitable for jet ski and outboard engines.

If it is installed on an engine, once it is lifted or moved you will be immediately notified and in addition you will be able to track your device through our web application.


The same applies for jet skis and motorboats.

Another significant advantage of Helios TT is that you can follow the route on internet via the web application... This feature is very interesting especially if you rent Jet Ski or outboard boats. They can be tracked near the coast through the GSM network coverage.


Frequency positions can be changed.

        GSM tracking device   
Helios TT
Helios TT (Track and Trace) is a small device for tracking and tracing jet ski and outboard engine.

Helios TT provides real time alerts for when your jet ski or outboard engine are stolen or being moved. Suitable for special assignments, including police and couriers.
Helios TT defines exact locations.
Featuring geo-fencing alerts for when the jet ski or outboard depart from it’s planned route.

Helios TT is Internet based, allowing for easy access and use from anywhere, in any type of technology device, such as smartphone, tablet or computer. A smart unit.
Helios TT is easy to use, simple to install, and provides low power consumption.
Equipped with a logbook and waterproof.
198 € TTC
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Helios TT

Annual subscription Helios TT

168 € TTC
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