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    Iridium latest technology, this system lets you communicate via your smartphone, or tablet PC into voice mode, or data anywhere on the planet.

    Satellite connection up to 5 mobile devices where terrestrial networks are non-existent.

    Iridium Go is powered by an internal battery. It automatically and quickly connect to the Iridium satellite network to create a Wi-Fi hot spot with a radius of 30m around.

    Technology: Iridium


    phone networks cover only 10% of the planetary surface.
    Iridium GO allows communication via the Iridium satellite network all over the world including the poles.

    This innovative technology allows you to use your smartphone as if it were a satellite phone.
    Better yet, your computer and your tablet can be connected to wi-fi hotspot, so you can check your email, send email, twitter, access your social networks, share photos, get GRIB weather files etc ...
    Ability to create and view emails offline, place emails queued for sending faster, recover emails from external accounts, block pop ups and advertisements, compress web pages download faster .
    More than a modem, you can enjoy the GPS location and send an SOS signal in case of distress.

    Iridium GO simplifies communications wherever you are.
    It addresses a wide range of users, including:
    Boaters, motorhome, transporters, adventurers, isolated workers, reporters, diplomats, soldiers, travelers, and more generally the followers of areas beyond the reach of mobile networks ...

    Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, Iridium Go allows you to remove roaming charges (roaming charges over cellular) and with an efficient satellite network.

    Tracking ability via geolocation interface.
    Unlimited access many features.
    The person equipped Iridium Go SMS will send its position.
    His position will be repeated on the geolocation interface.
    His relatives and / or authorized employees can follow the distance if necessary.
    Cost of access to this feature: 9,90 / month
    Each location sent by the user will be directly charged to him on his crime "Iridium GO" to the value of sending an SMS: either 10 or 20 units depending on the package (see "subscriptions").

    Dimensions: 114 x 83 x 32 mm (extra-flat design)
    Weight: 0.295 kg
    Durability of the equipment: robustness validated to military standards (MIL-STD810F). Resistant to rain, sand and dust
    Protection: IP65
    Fold and tilt antenna
    integrated menu
    Integrated Wi-Fi
    Open API for developers
    The device can be charged by the micro-USB plug.

    The Iridium Go comes with its own SIM card.
    To use, simply choose one of the packages.

    Please note, we offer several packages:

    Specially designed for Iridium GB, they have the advantage of consuming fewer units for data and sending SMS.
    Consumption Data: 30 units = 1 min of Use
    SMS consumption: 10 units = 1 sent SMS
    Consumer Voice: 60 units = 1 min phone call

    They can be used both for Iridium Go for an Iridium satellite phone.
    In this case, the consumption of the tariff is not the same.
    Consumption Data: 60 units = 1 min of Use
    SMS consumption: 20 units = 1 sent SMS
    Voice consumption: 60 units = 1 min phone call

    It is therefore important for you to know what will be the use you make of Iridium Go before choosing your package (Priority vote communications or Data).

    Good to know: the package you choose to buy will not materialize by sending a card through our service to an address you provided us. This is a virtual card.
    We will credit your Iridium GO distance the package selected. You will be able to purchase a package where you were unnecessarily postal receipt.

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