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  1. #ISATHUB#
    Inmarsat communication system that generates a secured Wi-Fi network. 
    Latest Inmarsat technology, this system will allow you to communicate in voice or data mode anywhere on earth with a 384 Kbps flow.
    Satellite connection for up to 5 mobile devices where there is no terrestrial network. 

    Isathub is powered by an internal battery. It automatically and rapidly connects to the Inmarsat satellite in order to create a Wi-Fi hotspot in a 30 m radius around it.

    Technology: Inmarsat


    Mobile telephony networks only cover 10% of the planet's surface.
    Inmarsat allows communicating via Inmarsat satellite network anywhere in the world, except the poles.

    This innovative technology allows you to use your Smartphone like if it was a satellite phone. Even better, your tablet, phone r PC can be connected to this hotspot via Wi-Fi and you will be able to check your emails, or send some, tweet, access your social networks, share pictures, receive weather GRIB files, etc...

    Isathub simplifies communication wherever you are.
    It is intended to a large panel of users, including:
    Yachtsmen, RV users, transporters, adventurers, remote workers, diplomats, soldiers, and travellers, anyone who is located out of mobile network range.

    Compatible with Apple and Android Smartphone, Ipad, Ipod Touc I'isathub allows you to avoid roaming charges and to take advantage of a superior satellite network.


    Dimensions: 179 x 170 x 30 mm
    Weight: 0.900 kg
    Battery Lifespan: 2.5h operational and 24h in standby. Charging time: 4h.
    Durability of the equipment: sturdiness approved by military standards (MIL-STD810F). Resistant to rain, sand and dust
    Protection rating: IP65
    Foldable and tilting antenna
    Built-in menu
    Built-in Wi-Fi
    The device can be charged with a micro USB 


    - 25 unit prepaid cards (25MB) or 125 min (call) = €145 ex-tax - Validity 60 days
      Each MB= €5.80 ex-tax - Each minute= €1.16 € ex-tax - SMS= €0.70 ex-tax /message

    - 50 unit prepaid cards (50MB) or 250 min (call) = €235 ex-tax - validity 90 days
      Each MB= €4,60 ex-tax - Each minute=  €0.92 € ex-tax - SMS= €0.55 ex-tax /message

    - 100 unit prepaid cards (100MB) or 500 min (call) = €400 ex-tax - validity 180 days
    Each MB= €4.00 ex-tax - Each minute= €0.80 ex-tax - SMS= €0.48 ex-tax /message

    Standard IP per MB  1,00
    Voice to Fixed per Minute 0,20
    Voice to Cellular per Minute 0,20
    Voice to FB/SB per Minute 0,20
    Voice to BGAN per Minute 0,20
    Voice to GSPS per Minute 0,20
    Voice to SPS per Minute 0,20
    Voicemail per Minute 0,20
    SMS per Message 0,12
    Inmarsat B v/f/d 0,85
    Inmarsat Mini-M v/f/d 0,65
    Inmarsat GAN/Fleet/Swift Voice 0,65
    Inmarsat Aero Voice 1,25
    Iridium Voice  2,75
    Globalstar Voice 2,00
    Thuraya Voice 1,25
    Other MSS Carriers 1,75

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