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  1. #FLEET ONE#
    With the launching of Fleet One Global, Inmarsat offers satellite connectivity for any ships.
    Fleet One Global changes everything. This simple and profitable service offers a 100 kbps connectivity within a global prepaid or post-paid package. Design with flexibility in mind, it allows you to activate and deactivate the service at any time in order to pay only when you really need it. 
    The cost of material has also been reduced to a minimum in order to help you manage your budget. In addition, equipment is easy to install and doesn't require any technical expertise. 

    Technology: INMARSAT

    Download documentation by clicking  here.

    Outstanding reliability. Inmarsat guaranties clear communications, SMS and important emails delivery and an internet connection always available allowing you to access any important information, such as weather conditions. Our communication connections are the strongest of the industry, and our network offers an availability rate of more than 99%. 

    A heavy-duty terminal specifically designed for operation in critical marine environment. The Fleet One terminal is compact, sturdy and easy to install. The Ethernet connection standard « plug-and-play » allows you to connect your laptop computer, unless you prefer to use the optional Wi-Fi router designed for multiple users. 

    A continuous connectivity for added security; this continuous connectivity allows you to send and receive emails, and to access critical applications, such as electronic maps and weather reports, in real time, wherever you are. It also allows merchant and fishing ships to transmit their regulatory declarations and to save time and money by calling in advance to sell their catch or make an appointment for repairs before getting to the harbour.

    Fleet One Global is also intended for navigators who are looking for adventure and long journeys, and offers them the insurance of a simultaneous and reliable voice and data connection for business and to stay in touch with their family and friends, wherever they travel worldwide on the ocean.

    Fleet One Global is also compatible with the Inmarsat free emergency call service "505” d’Inmarsat, which allows you to get directly in touch with a sea rescue coordination centre (MRCC) in case of difficulties. You can now sail with peace of mind.


    Tracking possibility via the tracking interface.
    Limited access and multiple functionalities.
    The person equipped with a Fleetone will be able to automatically transmit his/her position to our servers.
    His position will be retranscribed on the tracking interface.
    Hi/her authorised family/collaborators will be able to remotely follow him/her if necessary. Access cost: 9.90 €/month
    Any position sent by the user will be directly debited from his "Fleetone" package. 


    Dimensions: 278 x 264 mm
    Weight: 2.8 kg
    Protection rating: IP68

    Ethernet (PoE) x 2
    RJ-11 / RJ-45
    NMEA-0183 – GPS Output
    E/S Connector with 5 configurable inputs/outputs 
    Full DHCP/NAT router
    Built-in PBX 
    Antenna Connectors - Female TNC (BDU), female type N (ADU)
    Slot for SIM card

  5. #PACKAGE#

    Global package: €122.00 ex-Tax/per month including 13 MB data
    Extra MB: €9.00 € ex-Tax
    Call cost/min to landline: €0.50 ex-Tax
    Call cost/min to mobile: €0.50 ex-Tax
    Call cost/min  to voicemail: €0.50 ex-Tax
    SMS Cost: €0.30 ex-Tax
    Minimum usage per data connection: 20KB
    Minimum usage per call: 15 sec
    Commitment: 1 month minimum
    Free SIM card
    Activation fee: offered

    Prepaid SIM Cards:
    50 Unit Global Voucher:  €115.83 ex-Tax
    250 Unit Global Voucher:  €557.50 ex-Tax
    500 Unit Global Voucher:   €990.83 ex-Tax
    1000 Unit Global Voucher: €1890.83 ex-Tax
    1500 Unit Global Voucher: €2690.83 ex-Tax
    5000 Unit Global Voucher: €7900.00 ex-Tax

    Data usage/min: 5 units
    Minimum connection: 0.23 units
    Call usage/min: 0.5 units
    Minimum Connection: 30 sec

    Global Coverage

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