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        International Rescue Coordination Center
         24x7 Emergencies : everywhere in the world...
This service applies to the tracking devices equipped with a distress button. Just press this button and GEOS is informed immediately. Connecting the satellite tracking device network enables GEOS to locate the asset or the person instantly. He will dispatch assistance on the spot and will connect with the people you have provided us the details to keep them informed of the progress of your rescue.

GEOS works with  safety societies throughout the world. This is the first global organization recognized for the treatment of distress via satellite tracking units.

GEOS (International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC)) was born in November 2007 from the merger of different monitoring centers with activities for travel safety and the implementation of monitoring services.

With the arrival in late 2007, the new SPOT satellite Globalstar GEOS Alliance decided to create a joint coordination center, now known as the "International Emergency Response Coordination Center" or simply : IERCC.

Today we are proud to offer this service to our customers as a partner GEOS Alliance.
        Good to know

The IERCC is considered the center of the world's most secure data. Based in Texas, it is known as the "bunker". Indeed, it was 10 years ago, its computer systems were placed in an old underground bomb shelter transformed for the occasion into a data center.

The facility has many electrical networks, multiple connections to the Internet and it is completely autonomous if the outside world disappears.

Indeed, the "bunker" is equipped with backup generators. He enjoys drinking water through underground wells, but also a system of air filtration in chemical, biological or nuclear. It also has other systems in place to continue operations in the event of a disaster.

The IERCC consists of teams take turns continuously to provide service 24/7, 365 days a year.

        Services "Plus"
GEOS search and rescue (SAR)
This service allows you to receive additional funds for relief that are not supported and necessary rescue of a member (including staff costs, specialty vehicles , special equipment , etc...) . This advantage gives the recipient access to a maximum amount of U.S. $ 100,000 per year to a maximum of U.S. $ 50,000 per accident. For more details , please consult the following link : / sar .
This service is included in the fee of the AT-SAT II.

GEOS Medivac More : medical evacuation and emergency assistance
" GEOS Medivac Plus" provides up to $ 1 million to cover emergency evacuation for medical expenses , namely the transport of a member of the accident to the hospital first, then up to another hospital near the home of the victim and this anywhere in the world. This feature is available when the member is located more than 99 miles or more from home.