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  1. #AT-CAS#Alarm system designed to protect boats and camping cars.

    Specific technology for the activation of the system even when the property is occupied (person or animal).

    Absence of motion detectors : avoid false alarms.

    Wireless Magnetic sensors.

    Technology : Thitronik

  2. #DESCRIPTION#Outdoor wireless alarm including an internal battery with integrated siren, 2 remote controllers and 4 wireless magnetic sensors fordoor, window and hatches( it is possible to connect more sensors).


    Specially designed for boats and camping-cars for which no appropriate system was previously available, the AT- CAS alarm offers maximum security and usability.

    A backup battery has been integrated into the system for use in camping-cars and boats. This means that a thief cannot disable the alarm system by simply pulling off the power cable (which is the case with current alarms).


    Particular attention has been given for use in vessels exposed to moisture and salt water. The AT -CAS system offers a Gore -Texmembrane seals ™, which ensures reliable operation even under water. The oxide titanium coating screws and V4A provide additional protection against the harmful effects of the environment.


    Alarm AT-CAS  requires no motion detectors or other sensors that could affect the usability and cause false alarms. The AT –CAS Alarm system  uses coded wireless sensors to secure entrances, windows and doors. People or animals may remain inside the living space even when the system is armed without the risk of tripping. You can leave a window open and the system will automatically detect this situation and activate all other sensors. This allows ventilating your boat or camping-car whilst sleeping and being protected.


    The installation requirements are reduced. Alarm AT-CAS . includes a loud siren , and ultra bright LEDs lights and a backup battery which supplies energy to the system in case power is interrupted or sabotaged. The AT-CAS system. may simply be mounted on the roof of an camping-car or a boat’s mast and be connected to 12 volt. With coded wireless sensors, the system is immediately ready for use.


    Optional :

    Mast holder .

    GPS / GSM module for receiving intrusion by SMS or email alerts and tracking .

    Wireless magnetic sensors.

    Wireless Sloop to protect for example an outboard engine.

    Gas detector.


    Power : 12 /24 V

    consumption :

    Approx. 15 mA (standby)

    Approx. 300 mA (alarm ) Frequency: 868.35 MHz

    Wireless distance : approx. 75 m

    Audible Alarm : approx. 110 dB

    Temperature : - 10 ° C to + 80 ° C

    Dimensions(L x W x H) : 250 x 115 x 80 mm

    Weight : 1.4 kg

  4. #BENEFITS#Lack of motion detector to avoid false alarms.

    Wireless magnetic sensors. No wiring (life of  internal battery in sensors : 2 years).

    Opportunity to stay inside without disabling sensors.

    Integrated backup battery.

    Ultra bright flashing lights integrated.

    110 dB siren integrated.

    Intuitive and easy to use.

    Arm / disarm the alarm AT -CAS with wireless remotecontrol.