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Application pour geolocalisation via Iphone ou Smartphone

Free mobile application on Android and Apple
We make tracking accessible for everybody by turning a basic smartphone into a tracking device.

All smartphones are already equipped with a tracking function.
So why do you need Konectis?
Konectis allows you to follow somebody's localisation if this person has agreed to be followed, whatever type of phone he or she might be using.

Is it intrusive?
No, because the phone owner can activate or deactivate the tracking.

Why do you need to be tracked?
There are multiple reasons:
For security reasons: to watch your kid, a dependent person or your family when you have to.
For togetherness: to localise friends on a map to meet easily.
For professional reasons: to localise your teams.
Visualise the position of a person equipped with the app, but also his/her route or your own (walk/hike, bike, ski, etc.)

In case of distress, the Konectis application allows you to send SOS to your relatives, or to be alerted by them.

"Return route" feature: automatic calculation of your return route if you are lost.

Define monitoring perimeters (Geofencing), and be alerted the person or good is going outside the area (useful for some persons, for example Alzheimer patients, or for runaway pets / specific equipment, for more information, please contact us)

Save points of interest or car position. Automatic itinerary calculation to get to a place, if you forgot the way.
Integrate a route in a web page or a blog.

Position frequency: every 60 second at least every hour (user must define parameters directly in the application).
Konectis application gives you access to two tools:
Konnectis mobile application on your smartphone and access to the tracking interface Advanced Tracking: on all internet supports (PC, tablet, smartphone...Responsive design)

What's the difference?
The application allows access to the main functions, while the interface gives access to all tracking and parameter functionalities. 

What can I do with this application?

| Activate or not the my Smartphone's monitoring mode,
| Localise active phones of members of my account, 
| Warn my family in case of distress,
| Feature: return home with a map, 
| Share my localisation on Facebook,
| Create a monitoring perimeter, 
| Chose the user language: French/English,
| Chose the position frequency,
| Save points of interest

And with the tracking interface,

I can enjoy other features, including configuration functions essential for proper operation of the application.
Add persons who allow me to follow their localisation on my account.

Configure my contacts in case of distress or when going in or outside an area.

See my/the persons on my account travel history on set dates,

Create a map link of the Konectis interface directly on my blog or on my website.