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"Satellite" geolocation: Global coverage, on land and at sea. Ideal when mobile networks are unreliable or non-existent.

"GSM" geolocation: Designed to property or people moving in one country and the geographical areas covered by mobile phone networks.
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GEOS - International Emergency Response
GEOS is the world’s first international emergency response center having supported rescues in over 100 countries and saving many thousands of lives.

A simple distress button pressed and GEOS is automatically alerted: you are immediately located and relief can intervene.
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Satellite communications
Satellite phones and satellite Internet
Wide choice of Globalstar and Iridium satellite phones.
Prepaid Cards: flexibility and diversity in the choice of packages.

Iridium GO: Wifi Hotspot anywhere in the world.
Go to offshore internet and on land in the most remote areas of the world.
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Tracking Web Application :

Functions of the interface
This tool allows you to locate assets and persons equipped with a tracking device on internet via a dedicated tracking web application.
But not only ... you can freely enjoy more functions.

The web application does not require the installation of specific software.
Just go to the following address on the Internet:
You must enter your login and password that you set when subscribing your subscription.

It's easy and you can share it with your friends and family. With a few clicks you create them restricted access so it can follow you at any time. It's reassuring to know that we watch over you!

New for boaters: Reception GRIB weather files.
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Access your data on multi-support
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on a map at any time
View the history
of the course
Define a permitted
area of movement
Share your journey
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Products by Category

Satellite tracking

Allows tracking of goods and people around the world including in the most remote places


Location for property or people moving in the same country. Plurality of functions

Satellite communication

Iridium and Globalstar satellite phones.
Iridium GO : Wifi hot spot to communicate around the globe

Alarm Yachts

Alarms designed to protect boats and camping-cars
> Satellite tracking device > GSM tracking device > Satellite phones
Iridium GO
> Alarms
Rescue 24/7
Safety on land and at sea
Some of our devices are equipped with a distress button connected to the rescue: "GEOS Alliance."

The distress function activation allows you to be rescued on land and at sea.

GEOS provides solutions and services that save lives. Distresses are supported by international rescue coordination center, which is based in a secure building near Houston (Texas).
This is the first international emergency response center in the world offering support rescues in more than 100 countries.

Some of our clients have found themselves in distress. They are all satisfied with the services and incurred for emergency rescue.

GEOS saves an average of more than one life per day. This organization has thousands of lives saved.
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Documentation: AT-SmartOne Device
Documentation: Triton device
Camera Eye-02
Documentation: Camera EYE-02
AT-SmartOne C
Documentation: AT-SmartOne C Device
Documentation: Kylos Device
Globalstar GSP 1700
Documentation: Globalstar GSP 1700
AT-CAS Alarm
Documentation: AT-CAS Alarm
Documentation: Watchlock Device
Iridium 9555
Documentation: Iridium 9555
Wipro Alarm
Documentation: Wipro Alarm
Helios TT
Documentation: Helios TT Device
Iridium 9575 extreme
Documentation: Iridium 9575 extreme
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We assist them in their adventures
Eco Sailing Project, an ecological sailing round the world
They are four, they are young, they are committed the values of respect for the environment they are echoing around the world, on the occasion of a sailboat round the world not like the others.
ARKTIKA 2.0 Trans-2015-17
A two-year expedition to the Arctic preservation by French explorer Gilles Elkaim.
Beyond the difficulty, it is primarily for the beauty and the Arctic continues to belong to no one that Gilles embarks on this wonderful adventure.
Sail for Water : drinking water for everyone !
1000 filters
1000 days
And to help 100 000 people ..